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Laundry At Home Vs Professional Laundry Services

  The process of doing the laundry at home can be tedious. First, sorting clothes by color and types (please don’t mix bath towels with your kitchen rags!). Next, mix the detergent powder. Then comes the waiting, drying, folding, and iron. When you’re tired from work, laundry service provider that offers to wash and fold … Continue reading “Laundry At Home Vs Professional Laundry Services”

Local Dhobi or Professional Laundry service, choose yourself

  Local dhobi has been part of our lives for the longest time we can remember, Even today in India you can find a dhobi with his little shop at every nook and corner of any area. In the last 2-3 years, professional laundry has created a buzz in the Indian market, especially in urban … Continue reading “Local Dhobi or Professional Laundry service, choose yourself”

7 Reason Why Handling Laundry Is Painful Chore

  Sometimes we may skip attending our gym sessions or going for walks, but can’t skip the everyday household chores like cleaning, laundry, organizing, Since most of these tasks are necessary for running a household, you cannot avoid doing them like you need to clean the kitchen, bathroom, do laundry, etc But everyday cleaning, laundry, … Continue reading “7 Reason Why Handling Laundry Is Painful Chore”

Tips for Finding the Best Dry Cleaner Near You

Our clothes are very much essential part of our daily lives, they make us feel good, confident and presentable every day. We spend a lot of money on buying clothes, and good quality clothes are expensive and we need them to last as long as possible. That will only happen if the clothes are cleaned correctly … Continue reading “Tips for Finding the Best Dry Cleaner Near You”

Which is Good for Carpet Cleaning: Professional Vs. DIY

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter or even a landlord, there comes a time when your carpets need proper cleaning. When that time comes, there are only two real options to give your carpets a deep cleaning: doing it yourself(DIY) or hiring a professional carpet cleaner. Both options, if done properly, will provide a deeper cleaning … Continue reading “Which is Good for Carpet Cleaning: Professional Vs. DIY”

Steam Iron saves your time and ensures wrinkle Free Clothes

In this busy schedule life, ironing your clothes is such a boring but important chore, as one cannot leave the house wearing clothes full of wrinkles or crease but making clothes wrinkle-free is not easy at all. The solution is here- Steam Press. Ironing can be fun and easier and takes a few minutes just by the … Continue reading “Steam Iron saves your time and ensures wrinkle Free Clothes”

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

A lot of people think dry cleaning service is fancy, but a person who knows its importance can tell it’s not a luxury but a necessity. Many people think why to send for dry cleaning when we can even clean or wash it at our home. But the benefit that dry clean offers to a … Continue reading “Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes”

Best Online Dry Cleaners Noida

  tumbledry offers leading professional laundry and dry cleaning services across major cities in the country. High-end equipment and eco-friendly material used establishes its state of the art infrastructure. With expert cleaning and washing services, tumbledry takes the worst of the household chores off your hands, and as one of the best online dry cleaning … Continue reading “Best Online Dry Cleaners Noida”

Best Laundry Services In Noida

  If you live in Noida, then you know what a hassle doing laundry can be. Some are lucky enough to have their own washer and dryer, and many end up carrying their laundry down to the local laundromat once a week or more, to make sure they have clean clothes. If this sounds like … Continue reading “Best Laundry Services In Noida”

Best Laundry Service In Lucknow

  Considering using a Laundry Service? The busy residents of Lucknow starting to favor having their laundry sent out instead of doing it at home. To many, it sounds crazy. You are perfectly equipped to do laundry yourself. Why send it out? If you sat down to calculate the cost of a laundry service vs. … Continue reading “Best Laundry Service In Lucknow”

Why Professional Laundry Is Becoming So Popular?

  Whenever we hear the word ‘laundry’, it makes us feel burdened as it consumes so much time and energy and is a joyless activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nuclear family, joint family, or bachelors – no one wants to spend their precious little free time in such a non-value added activity. They … Continue reading “Why Professional Laundry Is Becoming So Popular?”