Your Safety, Our Responsibility!

360 degree safety & hygiene measures, compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO) & USA’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for laundry & dry cleaning.

Hygienic Store & Staff

Sanitized Stores

Machines, floor, doors, furniture and all surfaces of store are sanitized with disinfectant after every 3 hours.

Temperature Test

Temperature screening is done for all employees before entering the store on daily basis. Anyone with cough/cold/fever symptom is sent back.


All employees strictly follow 20 second hand wash protocol after every 2 hours or before entering the store.


Gloves, mask, shoe cover & sanitizer is mandatory for all employees during working hours. Staff uniform is washed daily with disinfectant.

Contactless Collection & Delivery

SaniTIZED Laundry Bags

Collection & Delivery Laundry Bags are sanitized with disinfectant after every use.

SANITIZED Delivery Vehicles

Bikes and vans used for delivery and collection are sanitized after every 4 hours

Zero Touch Policy

Runner will spread a sanitised cloth over floor. Customers are advised to keep dirty clothes over this and step back. While delivery, runners sanitize each packet before handing it to customer.

paperLess Receipt/INvoicE

Physical receipt or invoice is not given. Customers are advised to check SMS/Email for receipt/invoice.

Cashless Digital Payment

Cash payment are not allowed.Only digital payments through Mobile App or QR code are accepted.

Virus Free Processing

Separate Wash Cycle

Separate wash cycle for each customer. We don't mix your clothes with clothes of another customer.

Antiseptic Wash

We use antibacterial & antiviral disinfectants along with softener and detergents while washing to kill all germs.

Drying at 55 to 70 degree Celsius

Clothes are blow dried at 55 to 70 degree celsius.

Steam Iron at 100 Degree CelSIUS

Clothes are steam ironed at temperature of 100 degree celsius.


Separate sections for dirty & processed clothes in the store.


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